Be Bold, Be YOU

Embrace bright pops of color, add your favorite jewels and complete your unique look.

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Welcome to Rani and Rose

ra·ni, /räˈnē,ˈränē/
The Hindi word for royalty or queen in her own right.

The symbol of radiating beauty and love.

Inspired by the fusion of two cultures.

The Indian culture – with its own beauty standards, rich in colors, ornate jewelry, and aromatic spices.

The American culture – and more specifically the Southern California culture with its casual style, natural looks, unique coastline, stunning beaches, slower pace, and simplistic lifestyle.

Rani and Rose is the inspiration of the best parts of two cultures. Simplistic–yet ornate, casual–yet rich in color. Turning conflict into harmony. East, meets West. Fun and flirty clothing and the inspiration to incorporate Eastern traditions into Western fashion. Show off the the queen you are and radiate from within. Be bold, be YOU.

  • Jewelry

    We live by the motto, "Never leave home without a pair of earrings." OR a necklace, bracelet, ring, or all of the above! Even the most casual of outfits deserve to be elevated.

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  • Pops of Color

    Isn't black the best color on earth? It's so easy to put together a black outfit while in a hurry. We encourage you to add a little color to create a fun, bold look. Pair your all black with a colorful shoe, jewelry, or a bold lip to add a little spice to your look. Better yet, be insIpired to create an outfit with a few hues of color. You will defintiely turn some heads.

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