About Us

Welcome to Rani and Rose! A brand created by a girl with a big dream and a love for fashion. 

The Hindi word for royalty or queen in her own right.

The symbol of radiating beauty and love.

As a young Indian girl growing up in Southern California, I was fortunate enough to be able to live with two very different cultures. While my upbringing was advantageous and so beautiful, I also lived in conflict.

The Indian culture – with its Eastern practices in health, wellness, and beauty, rich in colors, ornate jewelry, and aromatic spices brought so much abundance to my life.

The American culture – and more specifically the Southern California culture with its casual style, natural looks, unique coastline, stunning beaches, slower pace, and many palm trees brought on a more simplistic lifestyle.

I wanted to create a brand that incorporated the best parts of my two cultures.  Simplistic–yet ornate, casual–yet rich in color. Turning conflict into harmony. East, meets West. Thus, Rani and Rose. Fun and flirty clothing, holistic skincare, a way to incorporate unique jewelry with a casual look and get away with it! Fashion glam, skincare glow. Show off the the queen you are and radiate from within!